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Boat Insurance in Maple Grove, MN

Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance

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Boat Insurance in Maple Grove, MNBoat insurance can help protect you, your family, and guests when enjoying some time on one of Minnesota’s great lakes or rivers.

Finding the right coverage for your boat or watercraft depends on a number of factors, including the style of boat, how and where you use it, it’s value, and more. For instance, the necessary coverage for a wave runner is much different from a cabin cruiser.

At Legacy Insurance Advisors, we help you determine the coverage options you want, then analyze the policy premiums and claims experience of over 30 insurance companies to help you decide where to place your coverage. Contact us or request insurance quotes to get started on your free boat insurance coverage analysis.



Options Available


Pays for bodily injury and/or property damage to others when you are at fault for an accident.


Pays for damage to your watercraft that results from a collision with another boat or object.


Pays for damage to your watercraft that results from something other than a collision, like storm damage.

Uninsured/Under-insured Boaters Liability

Pays the liability amount you’d normally be entitled to from another boater, when they are uninsured or under-insured.

On-water Towing

Pays for a tow if your watercraft becomes disabled on the water.

Fishing Equipment

Covers your fishing equipment if it’s lost or stolen.

Wreck Removal

Pays to retrieve a sunken boat, when retrieval is required by law.

Trailer Coverage

Pays for damage to your boat trailer.

Many More

There are many different coverage options available that may be right for you, depending on your unique situation.


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